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Oil boiler servicing at affordable prices
in County Armagh

D Clarke Boiler Services provides oil boiler servicing and maintenance. We provide services across County Armagh and Northern Ireland.

Dependable boiler servicing

Boilers which do not undergo regular servicing are more likely to break down or develop issues. D Clarke Boiler Services in County Armagh provides prompt, efficient and affordable oil boiler servicing. Our scheduled maintenance and servicing will ensure that your boilers are functional and in perfect condition at all times. Our services cover:
  •     Inspecting and cleaning the flue
  •     Checking water in your oil tank
  •     Checking signs of water leakage
  •     Cleaning oil filters and nozzles
  •     Checking combustion and cleaning internal components
Get in touch with us today, we will be happy to assist you with all your requirements. All our services are fully insured. We provide services across Northern Ireland.
oil boiler being serviced

Ensuring complete safety

Boiler breakdowns can cause inconvenience. We provide 24-hour emergency boiler repairs. Our staff will check every aspect of your boilers such as the thermostats, pressure relief valves and burner lockout devices to ensure your home and boiler are safe.
engineer assessing heating equipment

Soot clearance

Over time and regular use, soot will accumulate in your boilers and make them less efficient. We provide quality soot clearance solutions. Get in touch with us for gas boiler servicing, power flushing and Rayburn servicing and repairs. 
For oil boiler servicing, call D Clarke Boiler Services in County Armagh 
on 028 3833 5816 or 07803 213 485

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